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We send all our orders by mail, so the price of your order will largely depend on the cost of the delivery to your country.
All the countries are separated into 3 regions that determine the cost of shipping: A, B and C depending on the distance and country custom laws. Our website will determine the delivery cost for you depending on weight of your order in the following instructions:

 Shipping Rates

North America North America Europe & South America Europe & South America Rest World Rest World
 Priority Express Priority Express Priority Express
Up to 250g $3 $25 $5 $30 $6 $45
Up to 500g $5 $25 $7 $30 $8 $45
Up to 1kg $10 $25 $13 $30 $15 $45
Up to 2kg $15 $25 $27 $35 $31 $50
Up to 3kg N\A $25 N\A $40 N\A $55
Up to 4kg N\A $25 N\A $45 N\A $60
Up to 5kg N\A $25 N\A $50 N\A $65
Up to 6kg N\A $25 N\A $55 N\A $70
Up to 7kg N\A $25 N\A $60 N\A $85
Up to 8kg N\A $30 N\A $70 N\A $95
Up to 9kg N\A $35 N\A $80 N\A $105
Up to 10kg N\A $40 N\A $90 N\A $115


Be aware! 
Small Packet is the cheapest variety of shipping and could be delivered to every country of our world. Maximum weight for Small Packet is 2kg.
EMS Shipping is more faster shipping that costs some more, but it is not available for several countries. If occurs that customer bought 2+ kg package and EMS Shipping is unavailable for his country, we will contact him to find suitable carrier.

Gross weight of all items that you choose (with packaging) is shown on the cart page. But always give us some weight for the best packaging of your products, 150-500g depending on the quantity of items that you bought and package size.

So, if you wanna buy something in our store, it is worth look at the weight for save the money by shipping cost. For example, if you are going to buy some items for 900g, you will pay shipping "Up to 1000g". But if you will buy for 1010g, you will pay "Up to 2000g" shipping that costs more, despite that the difference is only 110g.

We will put some gifts to our customers into their packages to make the delivery more profitable and make customers happier.  
Usually we contact with our customers and offer them more beneficial offers if it is possible.

The packages do not contain any prohibited goods. We do not send perishable products. Our packaging is reliable and dependable.
We are not responsible for the rules of goods importing into the recipient country. An order is deemed fulfilled after the exporting from Mexico.

Have a nice shopping!